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We use a system based on knowledge
instead of opinion

The Morse Wellness System was created to support you in your commitment to abundant health. We use safe, effective methods to achieve whole-body wellness. We first identify your level of wellness through advanced frequency analysis. It’s a system based on knowledge instead of opinion.

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The SOLEX image above is a link to a quick video illustrating the science behind the Advanced SOLEX Assessment System. There is another video at the bottom of this page on the SOLEX Scan Technology.

We use the SOLEX system to identify the underlying causes of your health conditions. Read more in the SERVICES menu pointing to ASSESSMENT, THERAPIES, and PRACTITIONERS as well as the ABOUT menu.

using a multi-pronged approach to healing

Diseases, including terminal illnesses, can be effectively eradicated by using a multi-pronged approach to healing that includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components. Like an onion, the body’s imbalances will be revealed, one level at a time. In the same way, wellness is achieved by using targeted therapies to clear the body at deeper and deeper levels.

to bring the body back into balance.

It takes time to bring the body into balance and to harmonize it with ideal frequencies. Our skilled practitioners are able to identify which approaches will be most effective in bringing your body back into balance. We use advanced techniques, powerful frequency healing therapies, exceptional nutritional products, and education to gently move the body into a state of wellness.

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How to Achieve Wellness

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