Terry Morse, DNM, DHS

Terry Morse is a naturopathic doctor and health educator with doctorates in Natural Medicine and Humanitarian Services from the World Organization of Natural Medicine in Toronto. 

She co-founded the Center for Natural Healing (1990) in Louisiana and is the Founder/Director of the Morse Wellness System. She has lectured nationally, has taught hundreds of classes in natural health, and helped thousands of clients gain a higher level of wellness and health. 

Dr. Morse received the Pioneer in Wellness award in 2002 and has continued to assist clients throughout the United States for over 30 years.

In 2015 Dr Morse introduced BEMER circulation therapy to central Minnesota. Due to her work in this field over 800 families have gained relief from discomfort and stress through the benefits of this new German healing technology.

Dr. Morse works remotely and in person. She employs SOLEX technology which includes Frequency Analysis of every function and physical structure of the body, Sound and Color harmonization, and individualized restorative frequency alignments. This gives the client a detailed report of imbalances in organ, endocrine, circulatory, nerve, blood, bone, lymph, cell, and chromosome functions, nutritional status, and food sensitivities.

She augments these with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technologies, TeraHz Light/Quantum Chip/Negative ion therapy, and individualized nutritional support. This includes microbiome restoration with safe, effective organisms to eliminate toxic debris, chemicals, GMOs, heavy metals, and subclinical infections.

Using cutting-edge technologies, she can clearly identify the underlying causes of health conditions. Once this is accomplished, she works with the individual to effectively reverse these conditions and bring the body back into homeostasis (balance).

To accomplish wellness for each individual the needs and causes must first be identified. Then the above therapies will enable the body to achieve self-healing through detoxification and regeneration.

Through supportive education, each individual can explore and adjust these therapies to their own needs. Each person will learn how to support the body to heal itself.

Dr Morse’s philosophy is that each person can learn to hear their body’s messages and align with the perfect frequencies for healing. Her mission is to teach health professionals the Morse Wellness System and support individuals who are ready to move into a state of abundant health!


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